It is better to be an outcast, a stranger in one’s own country, than an outcast from one’s self. It is better to see what is about to befall us and to resist than to retreat into the fantasies embraced by a nation of the blind.
Chris Hedges

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You can never go home again.

Omar Khadr (image left) was born in Toronto, but left for Afghanistan and joined up with Al Queda. He killed a U.S. medic with a grenade before he was wounded, but was treated by the mates of the dead serviceman and taken prisoner. He sits in Guantanamo Bay, the last western-born person to be held there. Now he wants to come home - to Canada. American, Robin Long (image right) joined the U.S. military. Outraged over the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo, he deserted and came to Canada. He doesn't want to go home to the U.S. , however, immigration officials in Canada are sending him back to 'the land of the free and home of the brave'. As a Canadian in exile, I can relate to both fellas wanting to somehow turn the clock back, pop open a Molson and catch Hockey Night in Canada. Well, life just 'aint that way. We three made our decisions and now we have to live with them. Isn't life full of irony?

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