It is better to be an outcast, a stranger in one’s own country, than an outcast from one’s self. It is better to see what is about to befall us and to resist than to retreat into the fantasies embraced by a nation of the blind.
Chris Hedges

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paolo the Warrior

Discovering the writing of Paolo Coelho is a good first step in discovering yourself. To some he is self absorbed and pretentious. But to me he is a hero, because he looks inside himself and asks the question; "Why?". I ask the same question of myself. He is the mentor of spiritual discovery, the basis for all serious questions about God and our relationship with him. He is a warrior of the light who could have chosen to keep the secret to himself. Instead he releases all, like the arrow in his bow. He is a guide to fellow travellers everywhere... and he is my friend.

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I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!